Monday, December 31, 2012

last day of the year

This year...I need to feel calmer. I want to let things go, I want to accept things and move on. I want to try and live in the moment and feel happiness each day. I want to enjoy my life.

+ snowball games with Annie
+ my puff ball hat
+ yoga

Happy New Year's Eve

Sunday, December 30, 2012

only 2 more days of 2012

This Christmas break has been a mix of good and bad. 

+ Great time celebrating the end of school with everyone
+ Olivia, Rachel, Kate and I having a hilarious midnight breakfast at Denny's. 
+ Courtney's holiday party and cookie exchange
+ Post finals relaxation yoga
+ Gift wrapping at the mall for the humane society
+ Movie marathon with Philip on his birthday (Die Hard movies and Homeland)
+ Driving to my parents with Philip
+ Holidays at my parents even though I was super sick
+ Christmas eve gifts with my parents
+ TV marathons with Philip
+ Crazy snow storm and Annie playing fetch
+ Donkey Kong
+ Hot Chocolate and reading in bed

+ Do yoga everyday
+ Make a special meal on Sundays
+ Make a memory jar
+ Pass my NBCOT exam :)
+ Go on a vacation with Philip!!
+ Raise money for the animal shelter
+ Have a relaxed and calm year

Break To Do List:
1. pot plants
2. Get a haircut
3. Go to yoga
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