Sunday, September 12, 2010

I love the weekend


Dear Weekend,

I love you.


My first full week of work was tough. I was tired, I had a cold, I lost a lot of sleep. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to the weekend but I did it. Now, after two nights of getting 8 hours of sleep I feel like myself again. My new job isn't that bad. It's a lot calmer than preschool. I sure do miss preschool. I also miss how the days used to fly by. I have so much downtime at this new job that time drags along.

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time studying math. Philip even downloaded these dorky public access math shows for us to watch. I'm still super nervous about the GRE but I have one more week to get ready.

I can't wait unitl I find out if I'm returning to preschool, finish the GRE, and get my first paycheck. Only two more weeks....

Best website ever:

food gawker

+ sleeping in
+ feeling better
+ criminal minds
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Monday, September 6, 2010

end of summer


This summer flew by in no time at all. The summer started by going to Michael and Aja's wedding on Memorial Day. Which does feel like a long time ago. We had such a good time at their wedding.

Summertime highlights

+ Going home to visit for 10 days
+ 4th of July at the camp
+ canoe trip with Bethany
+ Courtney's Wedding
+ birthday trip to Silverdale
+ whaling days memories
+ Discovery park picnic with Lucia
+ Whidbey Island visit
+ Reno Trip
+ San Francisco visit
+ Hiking at Carkeek park
+ growing my own veggies
+ 100 degree hike with parents
+ playing with Ben and The Hose
+ Visiting two alpaca farms

I can't believe we went on so many trips!

I'm not feeling great today. Philip and I both have colds. We're taking it easy, watching movies and being lazy. Tomorrow it is back to work and I don't want to go. At least it is a short week.

+ new coffee maker
+ quilt sewing
+ being oh so lazy
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just scheduled my GRE for September 18th. (Gulp)

The new chair

Philip and I went to Goodwill yesterday after a lazy morning of making breakfast and watching the new project runway. I found this chair for only $3. The original chair cover was old vinyl that had a few tears in it. I replaced it with some gray Ikea fabric I had leftover from making a tablecloth. Not much else was done yesterday. Lucia came over in the evening to catch up while we shared a bottle of wine. The night ended with us watching many 80's videos, It was so much fun.

Today is kind of a lazy day. I woke up and haven't done too much since but watch an episode of Alfred Hitchcock.
I'm nervous about going back to work on Tuesday. I hate starting a new job. I wish I could stop thinking about it but it keeps popping back into my thoughts. I should make a list to try and distract myself. I was thinking of going to Trader Joe's today. I need to get more quinoa. OK, list of things I want to do today:

1. organize the crazy Tupperware cabinet
2. call my sister
3. go to Trader Joe's
4. read in bed
5. go to the dog park
6. start week 3 of 5k train (yay!)
7. pick veggies and wash
8. Mad Men party

Workout: 5k Train and ab workout.

+ Philip playing Halo
+ wine + 80's videos
+ roasted veggies
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is the lunch I made for today. I made a veggie wrap with laughing cow cheese and had a side of roasted salt and oregeno carrots.

I've spent the morning studying for the good ole GRE. The algebra chapter went pretty smooth much better than last night's square root chapter. Philip was kind enough to help me through it even after having to stay at work until 8pm. He is the best.

I heard back from my doctor this morning and I don't have cancer! I really do need to be better about sunscreen. I never want to have a sunburn again, which is difficult to do when you're ghost white.

My big plans for today are to study and go running. I'm going to try to squeeze in some sewing too and try out a quinoa pudding recipe with dates in it.

I'm trying really hard to keep my worries under control. I can't wait until October 1st when I'm be done with the GRE (hopefully forever DONE), I'll get my first paycheck of the year, and I'll be settled into my job again.

workout: 5k Train and strength supersets

+ sleeping in
+ roasted carrots
+ cancer-free
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