Friday, November 30, 2012

Let it go

I didn't go to class this morning. It felt so wonderful to go back to bed and rest. I feel like I have been so worn out lately both physically and mentally. Emotionally I feel pretty good, I've been trying to be more patient and calm about life. It is hard to do sometimes. I'd rather live a slightly less ambitious life and enjoy it. I never thought I was a perfectionist but in the last few years I find myself being really hard on myself when I don't get a perfect grade or do something the "right" way. I know it is better to handle these situations with grace but they eat away at me. Stupid mistakes haunt me for days and I'm tired of it. I'm trying to do yoga everyday and just let the mistakes be done. I've always used mistakes to push myself to be better and do more but than never seems to lead to me being happier. I might be happy for a minute or two about what I've accomplished but the pain and the struggle just doesn't seem worth it. I want to finish school and to be at my future job but I'm going to stop with that. Maybe I won't be a super success but I want to be happy or at least alert and in the moment. I want to be awake and not sleeping through my days thinking only of the future. School classes will be over in 12 days and I will be out in the real world sort of. I need to let my worries go and start celebrating. It has been a long journey to obtaining this degree and I have worked very hard, I deserve to celebrate with my friends.

Ok now it's time to get back to writing hand therapy EBP's all afternoon. 12 more days!

+ 12 more days of homework
+ happiness
+ sparkling water

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two more weeks

I am so ready for school to be over and done with. I spent all day working on stupid homework assignments and biting my nails. I just want to have a job and be free from homework.

Philip bought us a Christmas tree today. Only 16 days until I am done with school and only need to complete fieldwork assignments. I can not wait!!

Not much else happened this weekend. Philip and I watched TV and hung out all night. It was fun. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


November Highlights

  • Almost done with school
  • Worked on school almost every weekend
  • Rachel and Deb came over and hung out
  • Went Irish dancing with Olivia, Alison and Rachel
  • Philip bought us a dishwasher
  • Watched Savages
  • Thought I failed every midterm but somehow I didn't 
  • Philip went to CA for Thanksgiving and made me a love letter box
  • Obama won the freaking election, thank god
  • Made lotion with Rachel 

Ideal Day

My ideal day would include sleeping in with Philip until we woke up rested. We'd make breakfast together and I'd have really good coffee and pancakes. We'd take Annie for a walk or to the dog park together. We'd go do something together afterwards like thrift shopping or going to the museum. Afterwards we'd go out to dinner and eat outside because it would be a warm summer night. We'd come home and hang out and have a few beers and relax.

I want to be less stressed about my life in general and be able to relax and enjoy my life. I have been really tired and worn out lately. I'm so thankful that this week is Thanksgiving break and we have a few days without school and stress. I'm leaving tomorrow to go to Lewistown and spend some time with my family. I'm going to make a pumpkin pie and just relax for two days. When I return to Pittsburgh on Friday, I get to pick Philip up at the airport. I can't wait for him to be back! Its nice in some ways to have a little space but I also feel like I really miss him and need his hugs.

Things I want to do in the next few weeks:
1. get a haircut
2. go to my yoga classes
3. smoothie detox
4. daily meditation
5. visit museum
6. join the gym?

I am going to work on being less negative and stressed. I want to do things that I enjoy.

+ Philip's love letters
+ purring cats
+ new swan scarf

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just the highlights

I went Irish dancing tonight with Alison, Olivia, and Rachel. I felt kind of silly at first because truth be told I am an awful dancer. I had a really great time.

+ pretzel crisps
+ Irish music
+ sleeping cat faces
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