Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tiny Deer




On the way home the other night, we stopped at a cake decorating store called Home Cake. It had so many cake decorations. I bought tiny mushrooms, gnomes, and deer. Then I came home and watched TV because I was so tired. But a few days later I made terrariums!! I love mine so much. I want to make one for everyone. Who doesn't love tiny deer?

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

calm down



I feel like I've been doing pretty good with taking a photo everyday even if I don't always post it. My day overall was easy. I'm starting to feel better which means I had the energy to stay up past 8pm. You get a lot more done that way. I went to Goodwill tonight and got these new white vases. I'm going to try and fill them with some flowers every week or so. I love that milky white glass color. A shopping spree to Goodwill always makes me want to get rid of things around the apartment. I might fill up some bags tomorrow with books and maybe some clothes. I'm going to try and convince Philip to sell the elliptical machine too. I never use it and we could really use that space.

On another note, I've been thinking about how envious I am of people who never seem to worry. I wish I could be a calmer person overall. I think I do a pretty good job laughing off somethings like spilling coffee all over the floor. Its when BIG things happen or everything is unknown that I find myself unwinding a little bit more than I'd like to do. I really want to try and relax about more things happening in my life. I know that when I look back on my worries, they will seem so silly, I've just always been someone who tosses and turns thinking over all the possibilities. I felt like I was always the one who kept their cool in my family. I didn't lose my temper as often or worry as much. After being with Philip for over 2 years, I realized there is another level of calmness in crappy situations, that I wasn't even aware was possible. So I'm going to work on it. I'm not sure how but I'm going to try and fixate a little less on the future and what will happen. There is so much going on right now, that I don't want to miss.

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+ eggs for dinner
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

cat's pjamas



I found a use for my old metal mini fridge, it can store all my kitchen towels. I've pretty much stopped using paper towels so I go through a lot of clothes. I have a slight compulsion when it comes to counter top wiping.

I've also started to drink more iced tea to reduce my soda intake. I've been using my mason jars so I can take iced tea to work and all around town with me. I love mason jars. I found this list that has 50 uses for them. A lot of really good ideas.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so very tired


I have been feeling extremely tired this week. I came home and immediately went to sleep. I didn't think it was possible but I think I am definitely sick again, for the 18,784,321 time. At last tomorrow is a short day. The children leave 2 hours early.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010



Feeling a little run down today. I'm fighting off a mild cold and its wearing me out. Work completely took everything out of me out today.

I've been wanting to start working out more and eating better but haven't been able to muster up the motivation to do it. Instead I made pasta and a chocolate cake tonight followed by several glasses of red wine. sigh I've been researching Tracy Anderson and her workouts. I'm going to try and just go for it. Maybe for 2 or 3 weeks just go on a strict diet to jump start things. I really wish I could just eat cheese and chocolate and fit comfortably in my pants. Stupid metabolism.

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Monday, March 1, 2010






I went to West Seattle today with Lucia to walk around Schmit Park. We walked all around and ended up in a completely different neighborhood. It was a small park filled with mossy trees and trails leading in all directions. We hiked up a muddy hillside that led to a neighborhood street. We couldn't figure out how to get back to the car from there and didn't want to hike back down the steep and very slippery hillside. We walked around the neighborhood, West Seattle has some great views of the mountains and the Puget Sound. After our long walk around we ended up at Alki Bakery for chopped salads.

Afterwards Philip and I took Annie to the dog park just as it was starting to get dark outside. She ran around like a maniac. I came home and made banana bread and some purple playdoh for school tomorrow. All in all a good day.

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