Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love these shoes from Pink Studio. I'm not sure if I could chase after kids in them without twisting my ankle but I would like to try. I'm not sure where else I would wear them considering my weekend plans usually include trips to Target or Wendy's. Maybe I need to start going to fancier places.

I spent my day at work preparing things for next week which is all about the post office at school. I made some mail boxes out of construction paper and cardboard boxes. I'm not sure how impressed the kids will be but I had a good time making them.

The weekend is here and I am going to try to finally get over the last leg of the neverending cold and feel better. Philip started Friday night off with a bang by eating chinese food and taking a 6pm nap. I think this weekend is getting off on the right foot.

+ snickerdoodles
+ fancy shoes
+ cashew chicken

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