Sunday, July 19, 2009

I made a pie

This is the apple pie I made for my 4th of July party a few weeks ago. It tasted good but didn't look so great. I had my dough in the fridge overnight and some of it accidentally got thrown away. Philip mistook my dough ball for his old brie cheese and threw it out to make room for all our party food. I think we purchased the largest amount of ground beef I've never seen before that day. So I did a lot of patching to try and cover the top of it and although a little lumpy, it was tasty.

Yesterday we went to Tacoma. I got to see the huge Tacoma Dome and experience the aroma of Tacoma that everyone brings up in discussions of Tacoma. It was a fun day of thrift store shopping and trying to find the right parts to fix the Buick. The car has been running so much better but I still haven't driven since it broke down on me.

Here is a photo of Katie and Lucia from the 4th of July. It turned out a little blurry but its the only photo of anyone that I managed to take all day.


+ Harry Potter tonight
+ waking up late
+ lazy weekends

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