Saturday, July 4, 2009

what to say...

It is actually hot in Seattle. I can not believe it! I don't even mean push up the sleeves of your cardigan hot but leave your cardigan at home HOT! I am loving every second of the warm weather before it leaves town. I spent the afternoon doing my anatomy homework while roasting on the roof deck.

I had today off from school to run errands and do the laundry. I know how to live it up during my free time. I also spent a few hours working on homework. I'm actually enjoying Chemistry so far which surprises me because I do not remember have a good time with it in high school.


This is a photo of my new living room chair. It doesn't really match the ottoman that I made but it is so comfortable it doesn't matter. We finally have a place for a guest to sit other than our uncomfortable kitchen chairs. Which is good since we're having a party tomorrow. Hopefully I will remember to take some photos because I don't even have any of my friends. In a few years if we don't live in the same place their faces will be all blurry in my memory.

+ nachos dinner
+ HOT weather
+ watermelon

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