Sunday, February 14, 2010

shoes and sunset

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I completely forgot to post a photo yesterday so today I took two. I bought some new shoes today. The first pair is from Goodwill with a total cost of $4 and the other pair is from Target. Just a new pair of flats to wear to work since my other ones are falling apart. I took a second picture of sunset magazine because it is the coolest. I have been obsessively buying all the back issues at Goodwill. I have about a dozen to look through when I get the time.

Today Philip and I took our rock climbing class and it was great. I can't wait to go back and climb some more. I need to work on my noodle arms and get into shape. We have a 2 week free membership to the climbing gym to practice. I really had so much fun and next time I think it will be even better since we get right to the climbing. Philip and I even made it to the top a couple of times which is kind of scary high. This is what the gym looks like inside, its called Vertical World.

Tomorrow we leave for Portland. I can't wait to visit Powells and Voodoo donuts again.

+ climbing
+ red mill burgers
+ fruit salad

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Cleo said...

that kind of made me nauseous just looking at the climbing pictures

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