Saturday, March 6, 2010

calm down



I feel like I've been doing pretty good with taking a photo everyday even if I don't always post it. My day overall was easy. I'm starting to feel better which means I had the energy to stay up past 8pm. You get a lot more done that way. I went to Goodwill tonight and got these new white vases. I'm going to try and fill them with some flowers every week or so. I love that milky white glass color. A shopping spree to Goodwill always makes me want to get rid of things around the apartment. I might fill up some bags tomorrow with books and maybe some clothes. I'm going to try and convince Philip to sell the elliptical machine too. I never use it and we could really use that space.

On another note, I've been thinking about how envious I am of people who never seem to worry. I wish I could be a calmer person overall. I think I do a pretty good job laughing off somethings like spilling coffee all over the floor. Its when BIG things happen or everything is unknown that I find myself unwinding a little bit more than I'd like to do. I really want to try and relax about more things happening in my life. I know that when I look back on my worries, they will seem so silly, I've just always been someone who tosses and turns thinking over all the possibilities. I felt like I was always the one who kept their cool in my family. I didn't lose my temper as often or worry as much. After being with Philip for over 2 years, I realized there is another level of calmness in crappy situations, that I wasn't even aware was possible. So I'm going to work on it. I'm not sure how but I'm going to try and fixate a little less on the future and what will happen. There is so much going on right now, that I don't want to miss.

+ Lowes trips for work
+ eggs for dinner
+ start of the weekend
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