Friday, August 27, 2010

sore feet

I just got back from running. I've finished week one of my training for a 5k. Early in the summer, I started to train for a 10k but it ended up being overwhelming. I thought I was in pretty good shape from working out regularly on the elliptical machine but running outside and uphill is much harder. This Sunday I'll start week 2, hopefully with Philip. I'm going to try and talk him into going back to the park to run on the trail around Lake Washington.

Other than working out, I've been studying like crazy. I'm reviewing about 30 new words a day to try and expand my vocabulary for the GRE. Oh how I dislike the GRE. I've spent the last week surrounded by my homemade flashcards, reading and reviewing. I'm actually feeling pretty good about the verbal section. I've been doing some practice questions and scoring well. Math is another story. So much information. I'm going to try my hardest and hope it all works out for the best.

Now I am off to shower and run to the store for a few things.

+ Green Superfood milkshake
+ sunny weather
+ bubble baths

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