Monday, September 6, 2010

end of summer


This summer flew by in no time at all. The summer started by going to Michael and Aja's wedding on Memorial Day. Which does feel like a long time ago. We had such a good time at their wedding.

Summertime highlights

+ Going home to visit for 10 days
+ 4th of July at the camp
+ canoe trip with Bethany
+ Courtney's Wedding
+ birthday trip to Silverdale
+ whaling days memories
+ Discovery park picnic with Lucia
+ Whidbey Island visit
+ Reno Trip
+ San Francisco visit
+ Hiking at Carkeek park
+ growing my own veggies
+ 100 degree hike with parents
+ playing with Ben and The Hose
+ Visiting two alpaca farms

I can't believe we went on so many trips!

I'm not feeling great today. Philip and I both have colds. We're taking it easy, watching movies and being lazy. Tomorrow it is back to work and I don't want to go. At least it is a short week.

+ new coffee maker
+ quilt sewing
+ being oh so lazy
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