Monday, July 16, 2012

I've been up since 3am

I can't sleep. I fall asleep pretty early around 10pm, I think and I woke up at 3am completely wide awake. Since I've been awake for 2 hours I have:

cleaned the kitchen
drank an Atkins shake ( still hungry)
worried about moving ( endlessly)
straighten the crap in the living room and bedroom
made dandelion tea drink
hung out with Spot and Sofia
read the confidential packet for Mercy's training tomorrow
worried more
looked at pretty things on the internet

Today was not a good day. Philip and I went to look at another apartment today. It was clean and is having new hardwood flooring installed right now. The kitchen was clean and the bathroom was pretty sweet with a clean tub and everything. The layout was a bit weird. I just feel like we can't find a place that we really love but it is only temporary. I just can't pick a place. I was leaning toward the one with the ugly carpet because it was upstairs and we won't have to worry about the pets damaging anything but the guy doesn't like cats so that made me change my mind. I don't know why these people have such a problem with pets. Ahh I just wish I knew which place would turn out to be better. Also I am driving myself crazy for almost no reason.

I need to snap out of it and stop being so freaking crazy lately. I feel so moody and weird.
+ Philip
+ Philip
+ Philip

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