Monday, July 22, 2013

stress. have fun. stress more. try to have fun again. repeat.

This past week was really fun. Bethany and I drove up to Lake Erie on Wednesday and went swimming. The weather was perfect for swimming, freaking hot hot burning sand hot! The water was kind of yucky and full of seaweed grossness but other than that it was great. We got lunch at Sheetz and drinks and donuts at Tim Horton's.

My weekend was also fun because Erin, Eric, Ben and my Dad came to visit. We all went to the Science center on Friday and walked around checking things out. Later we went out to dinner and saw fireworks at Mt. Washington. We also went to the Children's museum on Saturday and had dinner at the Church Brew Works. We rode the Duquense Incline. It was so much fun.

Today its back to applying to jobs and making myself study for the NBCOT exam. I can't wait to be done with that thing!

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