Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot hot heat

The last few days in Seattle have been so hot. I have been obsessed with the weather all summer usually complaining that it has been freezing. I don't feel a wool sweater should be worn in any month that starts with J except Janurary but this weekend was the complete opposite of sweater weather. I would enjoy it more if our apartment wasn't a tiny oven.

Yesterday Philip and I walked around Lake Washington and I wish I would have taken my camera. I have been terrible about taking my camera out of the apartment and remembering to take photos. I need to start doing that. Maybe if I try and take a photo everyday or something it would help.

I have a job interview tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. My mind always seems to go blank when I know others are judging me. I really hope it goes well. I can't believe I finally got an interview.

Today was a fun day spent studying for the GRE and watching too much TV.

+ Plant Earth series
+ warm brownies
+ washing the car at night

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