Friday, August 29, 2008

my wiggy

my wiggy, originally uploaded by cottoncupcakes.

My pet guinea pig Hedwig "Wiggy" Scanlon died yesterday. She was the first pet I got when I lived on my own. I went to get her in November 2004 from the Greensburg Pet Smart. I was super excited about having a pet again after a year in the pet-less dorms. My entire life we've always had a least 2 pets living with us, usually a cat or dog. Wiggy was my first guinea pig. She lived with me in several apartments and traveled to school with me each year.

When I decided to move to Seattle I looked into bringing Wiggy on the plane and made sure I could take her in the cabin. The people at security told me it was the first guinea pig they had seen travel. She traveled 3000 miles with me and in the first few months was the only one I knew here.

I am going to miss her so much. Feeding her carrots and yogurt drops and petting her nose. I'm glad I was able to have her for so long. I hope she wasn't in any pain yesterday before I got her to the vet. : (

Pets really are the best. I can't imagine not having them. I'm hoping I can find a good home for all of Wiggy's supplies so someone else can get a guinea pig like Wig.

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