Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Annie's 1st Birthday

Today Annie Dog Dobermina Egly is a year old. I can't believe she's no longer a puppy. We purchased her last bag of puppy chow at Costco this weekend. I'm a little surprised she made it to a year considering her love to eat all things sharp and poisonous that can be found on the street. I'm going to stop by the store tomorrow and look for some frosty paws. I want to make her some homemade biscuits but tomorrow I have to go to a 5 hour chemistry lab and before that I will be trying to learn all 206 bones in the human body for my anatomy exam on Wednesday night. School has been consuming my life lately. Annie will have to wait for the weekend to get her bone shaped cookies.

Today it was so hot, I think it reached 90 degrees. I love love love it. The cats slept all afternoon on their backs with their belly fur blowing in the fan breeze.

+ warm summer night air
+ new spices to try out
+ staying up late

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