Sunday, July 26, 2009

brown sugar ice cream + cherries

This is a lunch I made the other day and finished up the rest of the summer squash salad. I spent a hour or so today cleaning out the refrigerator and getting rid of all the leftovers. It looks so empty now that there isn't 3 week old containers of Trader Joe's hummus hanging around. I'm planning on trying a new diet this week that supposed to be good for digestive health. My stomach is always causing problems for me. Philip and I went to Whole Foods today so I could get so ingredients they didn't carry at my grocery store. Whole Foods is fun cause they have a lot of different things to try but it was so crowded in there, it was difficult to not run people over. I did get some new cleaning products. I love this Mrs Meyer's Basil cleaner I wish I could buy the entire cleaning line in basil scent, it never seems to be in stores like the other fragrances.

The second photo is my dessert tonight. I bought some ice cream on sale tonight. Its the new Haagen Dazs thats made with 5 ingredients, its so so good. I got brown sugar and milk chocolate and mixed with together. I have to say I really liked the brown sugar the best. I used my new sundae cups that Bethany got me for my birthday.

The weather has been so warm lately and the heat wave in Seattle is supposed to continue into next week. Lucia and I were supposed to have a water balloon fight tonight but I guess that will have to wait for another hot day. We did get to meet up for dinner at the Broadway Grill and discuss potential business ideas.

+ cherries
+ heat wave
+ cat grass

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