Friday, July 31, 2009

Train ride

These photos are from the train trip I took in March from my hometown of Lewistown to Pittsburgh. I was with my friend Bethany, who is so much better at remembering to take photos than I will ever be. The scenery was kind of depressing since it was a lot of industrial views and most of the places had overcast weather. March is a dreary time in Pennsylvania.

The heat wave continued today in Seattle with the temperature reaching the 90s again. I relaxed a little today now that my test is over and moving only makes you feel hotter. I broke into an extreme sweat just trying to vacuum the carpet.

Lucia came over and we made dinner followed by a trip to Molly Moon's for some ice cream. I got Birthday cake flavor, it was alright but kind of just tasted like super sweet vanilla. Philip rented Red Dawn and we watched it positioned between two fans, sitting in our own personal wind tunnel. All in all it was a pretty great day.

+ phone calls home
+ ice cream cones
+ terrible 80's movies

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