Monday, August 3, 2009

I love squash

During the heat wave I didn't really feel like making anything new. Turning on the oven was unthinkable. I did make some squash with half a zucchini and tried out one of my new spices from Penzeys.

The carrots and broccoli are both from the farm I get deliveries from called Full Circle Farm. Their vegetables are so tasty. I love getting a new box every other week. If you live near Seattle and have been thinking of joining a CSF I would recommend them.

My weekend included a lot of homework since I've been trying to work ahead to get ready for vacation. Philip and I did take Annie Dog to the dog park on Saturday morning and she finally agreed to get in the water. I went in first and she slowly followed not wanting to leave my side. Every time a new wave came in she looked at me like lets get the hell out of here. After a few minutes though she was running around like crazy chasing other dogs and having the best time.

+ new recipes to try
+ 1 day until vacation
+ reading in the sun

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