Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Annie Dog swims in a lake

Last weekend we took Annie back to the big dog park that has a swimming area at the end of the trail. She is usually a little wary of water and by that I mean waves cause her to run away. A few weeks back I did convince her to go into the lake with me. It involved some treats and a lot of pets. Well last weekend she finally swam. I know all dogs know how to swim but I really didn't think we'd be able to convince her to go out so far her paws were no longer on solid ground. Philip went out with her this time and she did a little doggie paddle lap around him. So cute.

Today is my last day of school. I have my anatomy and physiology final tonight and I will be on a vacation until I start back to work. It will be nice to have a break and not be worried about my next test or getting my homework done before Sunday night. I plan to spend the time off cooking and maybe taking the new car on a few road trips. I can't wait but for now I'm going to go read over the information on the nerves...again.

+ Julie and Julia movie
+ tomato tarts
+ my cats

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