Monday, August 24, 2009

Thrift Shopping

Philip and I went to Value Village to look around on Saturday morning after a little yard sale shopping. Boy oh boy do we both love junk. I found some pretty good stuff. I love when you can go on a shopping spree and only spend $20.

I got this metal recipe box for 50 cents at one of the yard sales.

This may be the only thing I really needed I accidentally melted my plastic colander the other day when I was cooking dinner.
I got two really cute new button down tops. Check out the tiny buttons on the gray one's sleeve, so adorable.

I loved this bright red case. It even has a mirror inside and an organizing tray in perfect condition. It doesn't smell like musty old basement inside like so many suitcases at thrift stores do. I'm thinking I might use it as my sewing basket. I'm trying to cut down on the mountain of sewing supplies I have since it takes up so much space and moving it every year is tough.

Before thrift shopping we went to Oddfellows for brunch. I had an incredible Caprese sandwich and an iced coffee. It was a pretty great weekend. I got to sew a new shirt, made some really rich brownies, walked Annie dog a lot and was pretty lazy.

+ lemon water
+ book sales
+ lazy afternoons

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