Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Plan B

I need to go back to school.
I need to go back to school.
I need to go back to school.

Today was my first day back at work with the students. Every inch of my body is tired. I don't even know how I'm holding my head up right now. This is in part because I spent my day lifting.It is also because Annie dog woke us up at 4am to throw up a peach pit and slime. Yes, our dog isn't really sure what food is exactly, if something can fit in her mouth she'll try it out and see if it digests. I couldn't fall back to sleep after the vomit cleaning so I laid in bed and thought about the worst that could happen on my first day. None of that stuff happened. Thankfully. I hope it gets better in the meantime I'll be on the couch scrolling through Craigslist and sighing a lot.

+ one day down
+ new apartment
+ 2 days until the weekend!

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