Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tired of my hair

I really need a haircut!

Tomorrow I plan of continuing to clean the apartment and try to get rid of more stuff that we don't need. I was thinking of going to Ikea and picking up some storage pins for all of Philip's ebay stuff. We have so many car parts sitting around everywhere. I think I'll organize our closets and perhaps go to Goodwill. We still haven't found out about our apartment so I'm not sure what we will end up doing. I hope we get it. I think a change could be good but if we stay here I won't be upset about that either. I really like this apartment, it isn't perfect but it's cute and works for us.

I'm going to attempt to make low carb waffle tomorrow. I'm still liking this diet although it is harder to stick to when you're on vacation and without a routine.

+ make waffles
+ do laundry
+ do ab and arm workout
+ bike with Bethany
+ go to Joanne fabrics for quilt material
+ clean apartment

I really am enjoying this vacation. I wish it never had to end!

+ trash tv
+ Friday night light marathon with Philip
+ freckles

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