Saturday, July 6, 2013

the list

I am loving being on a mini vacation from school/work. Philip and I are planning to go to the drive-in tonight. I haven't been to one in years. I spent most of today gathering up things to get rid of before we make any transitions. I packed up a bunch of clothes and some books. I know that I'll need to go through my fabric again and probably need to get rid of more craft stuff. I need to go through the storage locker and get rid of stuff down there too. I don't know how we manage to gather so much crap. We've only been in Pittsburgh for 2 years but we've accumulated a lot.

I know over the next few weeks I need to study for my NBCOT exam and find a freaking job but I also want to have a good time this year. I am the queen of making lists and I thought a summer to do list might help me to fit more fun stuff into my summer.

1. Kayak on the river with Bethany
2. Go to the drive in with Philip
3. Take Annie on a hike
4. Join the gym and work out 3 x week at least
5. Clean out all the useless junk from the apartment
6. Visit Camp
7. Go camping with Bethany
8 Sandcastle
9. Make fruit tarts
10. Make Pimm's cup
11. Make peach crumble

I'll keep adding to the list but this is what I have so far. Philip and I took Annie to the dog park this afternoon, that pup still loves to run like a wild beast. I'm going to go finish organizing things in the second bedroom and gathering junk for the goodwill pile.

+ iced tea with lemon
+ Philip
+ inspiring vegan websites

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