Friday, August 9, 2013

long list+short list

The short list:
1. Just keep studying!
2. Get the guts to sign up for the boards
3. make something for fun

The long list: 
1. Find a job
2. move to somewhere else
3. go to the waterpark
4. take NBCOT exam and PASS IT!
5. complete a month of project life
6. make mini pies
7. go to the new brewery in pittsburgh
8. fit in all the fun summer things before its over
9. go to the drive-in again
10. finish my quilt

Wow, that long list starts off a little scary. I'd much rather focus on going to the drive-in and finishing my quilt than planning a life changing move and getting a job. 

My plans for the night include an insane amount of studying followed by trashy TV in bed with the air conditioner on. 

+ orange juice with mango
+ multi color flashcards
+ trashy tv

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