Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Soo much information!

I have been buying everything in yellow lately. I went to Target this afternoon to get away from my pile of books and try to relax. I also needed orange juice. I have had the weirdest craving for orange juice and I usually never drink it. I made a trip to Walgreens for my developed photos and started my photo album. I love it so far and can't wait to order the actual album. I only have the plastic sheets right now because I am trying not to spend a dime until I get a job. 

I took a practice test this morning and I did pretty good. The ones in the slim book are so much better! Tonight I am going to study for a few hours and plan to take another practice exam on Friday. I can't wait until this test is OVER!  I still need to schedule it for the 19th. (gulp). 

Annie is staring me down right now so I should probably take her out for a walk. 

+ photos and paper projects
+ yellow everything :)
+ rounded corners

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