Friday, July 25, 2008

Did you check under the bed?

For as long as I can remember I've been great at misplacing things. Even the really important items like my keys, wallet, and pets. They all seem to vanish before my eyes and I immediately slip into panic mode.

Some of my most memorable loses include the time I left my purse purched on top of fabric bolts at JoAnn fabrics two days before I was to move cross country. I searched for hours while sweating more than I ever have in my life. I think I lost 12 lbs that night.

My abillity to lose is something I've believe has been passed down from my parents. I have many memories of helping to search the garbage for that irreplaceable piece of mail or running through the neighbors' yards hoping to run into our dog who decided to take himself for a walk. Even calling home when I realized that my parents forgot me after church.

Today I yet again managed to misplace a very important check. I was on my way to work and doing the usual throw things into my bag while putting on shoes and eating lunch routine when I thought I safely secured a place for the check in my GIANT bag.

On my way down the hill for some reason I decided to dig the check out of my stuff and realized it was gone. I fantically searched my bag even kneeling down on the sidewalk to remove all 30 of the items in my bag and still no check. I decided I wouldn't be able to continue my trip to work until I figured out where the hell I put it. So I ran back up the hill to search my apartment which resulted in nothing.

Finally I decided to call home and let my mom know I lost the birthday check because I am incapable of safely transporting money to the bank and should be killed. Moments after I called my mom she called me back to tell me that someone had found my check!

A wonderfully kind person who works at the hospital beside my apartment building met me in the lobby and gave me the check. The wonderful check finding angel had even gone to the trouble to google my parents due to the fact that my parents don't even have their phone number on it because they hate calls from strangers especially during meals.

It made my day that someone was so kind to return it. Now I just have to hope that all my cats are still in the apartment when I get home.

+ sunny Friday afternoons
+ m&m yogurt
+ nice people

1 comment:

cleodee said...

If you ever have children I bet you'll misplace them when they're infants at least once :)

I took off the entire weekend for your visit!

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