Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cupcake cake, kinda

cupcake cake, kinda, originally uploaded by cottoncupcakes.

I'm starting to feel a little better. My cold seems to be going away slowly. I hope tomorrow I start to feel normal again. Until then the TV marathon continues tonight with Simpsons and battlestar. Last night Philip and I watched Taken and it was really good. I couldn't help but bite some fingernails.

Here is a photo of the cupcake cake Lucia and I attempted to bake last weekend. We didn't have enough batter and the cake turned out looking a little like a pile of poo. It tasted really good though and after a bottle of wine a poo shaped cake made us laugh pretty hard.

+ sprite zero
+ waking up surrounded by pets
+ feeling better


Julia said...

A poo shaped cake is mightily funny, especially when it come from Williams-Sonoma.

And I like Sprite Zero too. My new fav though is Canada Dry diet ginger ale. Tastes so good!

Chelsea Ling said...

lol... it does look like a pile of poo. I have a wliton cake pan that is similar :)

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