Saturday, August 15, 2009

good to be back

Whew. We're back from our trip to Reno. We only left for 5 days but it felt like we were gone for weeks. I was glad to get back home to Seattle but I did have a good time. We got to gamble a little bit and I won $100 playing roulette, which was exciting. I had no idea how to play so we just kind of guessed as we went along. I think the highlights of the trip included:

+ room service meals (tiny mustard jar!)
+ drinking wine in comfy hotel bed
+ beautiful old cars
+ GI Joe movie in the afternoon
+ meeting Philip's family
+ getting to see Philip's hometown

I guess I'm a boring person cause I was pretty excited to get back into my routine of walking the dog, baking, and watching TV with Philip and the pet family. I finally got a chance to use the awesome mixer today that I got from a yard sale for $38. I still can't believe it. The highlight of my week, hands down. So I made some really basic oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to break in the mixer.

+ Scarecrow video
+ roasted chicken
+ goodwill shopping spree

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