Sunday, August 30, 2009

sculpture park

Lucia and I went to the sculpture park today. We walked around checked out the silver tree and the giant typewriter eraser sculptures. The weather was so beautiful and sunny. We got lunch at a Deli and sat in the grass behind Pike's Place talking. Afterward we went to the French bakery that I love so much and got macrons and iced coffee.

When I got home Philip and I took Annie to the dog park. She ran wild and played with a few dogs. I love watching her running and having what seems to be the time of her life.

Tomorrow Philip and I are going on a short road trip to Mt. Rainer. We plan to go on a hike and I'm excited to see the mountain close-up. Only two more days of vacation left.

+ thrift store books
+ pistachio macrons
+ reading on the couch

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