Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Exam cram time

I hate the night before an exam. I feel like I can't stop studying or I'll fail miserably. I am feeling really unprepared for this test tomorrow and to top it off I also feel like crap. I know something is going on with my belly, I just feel off I spent this morning at school for a lecture and to visit with clients. Then I came home to walk Annie and eat lunch. I talked to my mom for a little bit and got started on studying. I am pretty worried about this test. I haven't been into this class and I don't feel like I know the material. Oh well. I'll try my best.

I didn't exercise yesterday or today after running made me feel so sick. Tomorrow I'm planning to do a run/walk with Bethany. I can't wait for tomorrow afternoon!!

+ sleep
+ Kate charts
+ warm afternoon weather

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